Acorn-Fed Iberian Shoulder Ham


Acorn-Fed Iberian Shoulder Ham

13.00 €/Kg
Detail of the product


Our Fodder-fed Iberian Shoulder Ham is obtained from Iberian pigs fed with grain and natural fodder, purchased in small farms of Ledesma and Arribes del Duero. 

It has a curing period of 20 months in the shadow of the Arribes del Duero with only 3 months in a drying shed and the rest of the time a natural curing in our facilities.


Fodder-fed Iberian Shoulder Ham and Salt

Storage and Use-by date: 

Keep in a cool dry place protected from the direct sunlight. 

The durability of the quality of our products is approximately six months following conservation tips. In very humid areas it is reduced to 30 days.


Remove the mesh in which it is wrapped and placed it in a ham stand or hang it. 

Save the first cut to serve as cover and prevent it from drying out.


In cardboard box with the product wrapped in a fabric mesh 


Whole pieces between 4.5 kg and 6.5 kg.

It has the Calicer Certificate RD 1469/2007 PI0271 / 06, which guarantees the customer and the end consumer the commitment of  work well done and the tranquility to purchase a product that complies with current regulations.

Acorn-Fed Iberian Shoulder HamAcorn-Fed Iberian Shoulder HamAcorn-Fed Iberian Shoulder Ham
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