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Our Team
Our TeamOur Team

In Puente Robles we have a trustworthy team composed by members of our own family and workers in the area who devote all their efforts to bring the final customer all products with the best quality and flavor.

To do this, we have modern facilities adapted to the criteria of the applicable European directives and aware of the environment while respecting the tradition of the area.

All our facilities are fully acclimatized so that the products do not lose their quality since the arrival of the raw material to the sale of the final products.

Facilities Facilities

A slaughterhouse in the town of Fuentesaúco, where traditional Zamora slaughtering is respected, singeing pigs as in the past.

We have our own butchering room in Fermoselle according to the current regulations.

Three drying rooms with a capacity of up to 2,000 pieces and 4 more, exclusively for charcuterie.

Facilities Facilities

In Spain:
228, Moralina Street
49220 Fermoselle, Zamora
980 613 145 -

In Portugal:
4, Nuno Alvarez Pereira Street
Mogadouro, Portugal
279 34 20 86 -

Local Market Lojas, 3 E4
Moncorvo, Portugal
279 25 41 01 -

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